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Vyanse taken with micronutrients?


Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has taken micronutrients with Vyanse? Any issues? I am hearing great things about micronutrients and read lots of positive articles and thought about trying for my 6 year old.

Thanks in advance !

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I am a huge proponent of micronutrients. If your child is on Vyvanse make sure your psychiatrist is in board with supervising. This is because if micronutrients work it could cause the dosage of Vyvanse to be lowered or the medication to be eliminated altogether. We have had a fantastic response to micronutrients and I hope you do too!

Thats great news! Thanks for your advice, fingers crossed for our son and the micronutrients. Do you recommend any in particular?

My grandson - 10years old, used Accentrate along with an additional product they just developed on their website

Thank you!

There are two companies,Hardy Nutritionals and True Hope. Our psychiatrist did not recommend one brand over the other. We selected the Hardy Nutritionals DEN. I have a friend using True Hope and they have also had success. I would recommend you read up on both. Dr. Hardy helped with the development of both.

Thanks so much. I will look into these today.

My son is on Vyvanse too but I have never heard of taking micronutrients with it. Can you explain what they do? TIA

Apparantly many kids with ADHD are very low in major vitamins and minerals. For example my son had a blood test and he had very low B12, iron, zinc and magnesium. These vitamins and minerals are important for brain/body health etc. We we started our son on supplements wr noticed an improvement in his behaviour etc. Micronutrients contain a majority of these vitamins and minerals and I have read so many articles on google about studies showing improvements to the point where some childreb can reduce or stop their medication. Hope this helps you.

P.s further to my reply below. Very low zinc can make agression in boys worse which was the case for our 6 year old son.

That’s great to know. Thanks

Which supplements have you been using?

Blackmore Zinbit which I grind into a powder and hide in drinks. Also a natural iron and multivitamin liquid called Floradix. I make sure there are no artificial colours or preservatives as these affect my sons behaviour.

Also, watch anything with Annatto also known as 160b as this is supposed to be a natural colouring however it affects many childrens behaviour and can cause agression as it does in my son. It took me years to realise what it was. Same as Nutella which has Vanillin which also does the same.hope this helps.

Hi! My 8 year old son is currently taking Vyvanse and is on month 4 of the Hardy Nutritional micros. We are under the supervision of a doctor who monitors all his medications. Every child is going to be different in how they respond to them—it can take upwards of 4-6 months for the full effects of the full dose to kick in, so patience is important! Good luck with everything!

I am wondering if Vynase is worth trying for our son. He is helped enormously by micronutrients. We had his blood and urine analyzed at MensahMedical.com (they are awesome!) and learned he needs a lot of zinc and B6 due to his Pyroluria, and good amounts of antioxidants to treat the undermethylation contributing to his ADHD. We tried Strattera but he broke out in itchy hives.

There is no question but that targeted micronutrients help our son. He was depressed, anxious and would have angry and violent outbursts (after eating dyes) followed by severe depression, often suicidal. This was totally stopped with prescription vitamins. Unfortunately, our son, now 16, is going on strike on his vitamins. As is typical with Pyroluria, he can't really tell they help him but everyone around him can! This is definitely central to his teen rebellion. I am hoping that he will embrace the nutrient path as he gets older and wiser. If this method is helping your children, do something to inoculate them into taking their vitamins and against going off them while they are young and impressionable. After they graduate they have to pay for them themselves, so it's a hurdle at 18! The schools are doing a poor job of educating kids on the need for vitamins. I am convinced targeted vitamins are key to overcoming spectrummy problems ( our son was autistic and lost his diagnosis), but only if they stay on them. It will be helpful if/when the science catches up with us on this so that we have full community support for this path.

Vyanse could be an option for your son. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right one bit once you do its a game changer.

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Vyvanse has been great for our son (he’s 8 1/2). We tried a variety of Ritalin doses and boosters and once we got on Vyvanse he really steadied out for the majority of the day. Pre and post meds he is still a bit of a handful but when he’s on them, the difference is night and day. I just started looking into the vitamin route (due to this thread) bc he is pretty thin as it effects his diet in a large way. Breakfast and dinner are important in our house and 2/3 of his calories are eaten after 7pm once his meds have worn off. Makes for a lot of late meals but the gains are worth the losses.

We've been using broad spectrum multinutrients (True Hope EMP) for about 6 months with our 6yo daughter and she is having great success. In this time we have noticed a decrease in defiance - she doesnt argue about every little thing, the ability to do things the first time she is asked, increased emotional control, less meltdowns and less intense episodes, better sleep, and greater ability to verbalize how she's feeling or what she needs in the moment which I feel has decreased her tantrums. I've noticed an increase in her ability to actually sit down to an activity for longer than the 2-3mins she typically lasts. She is only in grade 1 but the school has not reported more than once this school year issues with attention so I count that a success too! She does have alot of anxiety as well and I can only speak to slight improvements I've seen but nothing that stands out as significant.

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