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Are there any virtual support groups for parents of add/adhd?

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I’ve been looking into finding one or forming one. I’ve recently made progress on setting one up on new audio only social media all Clubhouse (and still can) but feel bad that its only available to Apple iPhone users. I know they are working hard to open it up all soon but not sure when that will be. Currently looking to other platforms that might work better for more people. Love any ideas!

I'm also looking for a support group for an 11-year-old with ODD/ADHD and have an iphone.

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Let’s stay in touch!

I realize Clubhouse isn't perfect for everyone but wanted to at least get started at putting something together for a virtual support group. I set up a Room called Finding Focus, first discussion is on Tuesday, April 20th from 12pm - 1pm. Clubhouse is audio only. Can just listen and/or participate. Happy to consider other days/times and virtual locations - welcome to any feedback. Look forward to it!

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How do I get into clubhouse meeting?

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Did U send an invite?

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Hello!! I'm sorry for any confusion. Today was the first day and we're still working through technical issues. But hope to do it weekly and will post again soon with better details and links. If you follow me on Clubhouse, you'll also see my events. @jennfaust

Hi Jenn, I'm on clubhouse @thais_derich I followed you but don't see your events. I'll keep an eye out for an announcement next Tuesday. Thanks for organizing.

Hello! Thanks for your continued interest and for following me on CH. The next FF is going to be on May 4 from 12pm-1pm ET. I found someone who is going to help co-host to kick it off and we’re going to use next week to prep, plan and promote. Will make sure to send out link and info on this chadd blog and also on CH. Look forward to your participation, ideas and support!

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