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Best ADHD Resources Given Limited Time

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Hello! New to the forum here. My 8 year old son was just diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. He particularly struggles with processing speed, reasoning, visual/spatial awareness, and memory. He is a really sweet kid and doesn't really exhibit behavioral issues common to ADHD - in fact, kind of the opposite, he's a people-pleaser to the point that is debilitating. I am grateful that he is diagnosed, and that we live in an age where so many great resources are available, but I am also feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information. I have familiarity with ADHD (my adopted brother has it) and I've done some additional research on my own since the diagnosis, but I'm feeling overwhelmed by the resources. I'm a single mom to 2 kids working 50 hours a week and trying to manage virtual school, so it's so hard to find the time. I feel like I need a cheat sheet! First steps to address this are to set up an appointment with his PCP to discuss medication, as well as his teacher to discuss IEP and other strategies for virtual school, and look into a psychotherapist for my son. Beyond that, I'm feeling overwhelmed! I would appreciate any thoughts you all might about the most effective resources, priorities, etc. I'm willing (and eager!) to put in what limited time I have to help, but I'm also kind of at the end of the rope myself so just trying to get the most bang for my buck. TIA!

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For me in this stage of our journey it is Podcasts that have really helped me. Parenting ADHD, by Penny Williams is a great one, but there are many. This one is a mom with a child in high school. She has many guest speaking, which I have learned a lot from.

But I will be honest, I had to stop learning and just try to survive. So I go in waves, when something comes up I go back and learn more. Be kind to yourself and don't over do it.

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Oooh yes, that's a great idea. I have a 1 hour or so window on Sundays when I'm running errands when I can listen to podcasts! I will absolutely check out Parenting ADHD and others too, since her child is in high school. I know that I will follow your path in devoting time to learning, surviving, learning, surviving. The diagnosis is new so now I'm in the "learning no matter the cost/how little time I have" phase, but that's only sustainable for so long. Anyway, thank you for this great suggestion.

For some quick techniques that work with all kids, including ADHD. see Pax Tools for parents for free on You Tube. Quick links:Pax Tools intro

Pax Breaks

Working from home

These are some pieces of the Pax good Behavior Game for elementary teachers. They can be used by parents. For a story on one of the first clinical trials on a less refined GBG used in 1986, see:

1NIDA Notes. "Behavior Game Played in Primary Grades Reduces Later Drug-Related Problems." Volume 23, Number 1, April 2010. National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Thank you so much! I will check these out tonight. Really appreciate this.

There are so many variables. Each child is different, meds vary by child, so do IEP's. Taking it one day at a time is best. But I would start by researching what you are allowed to ask for in an IEP so you will know what will benefit your child the best. And then do not let the school talk you out of it!

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THAT is great advice. I will put this at the top of my list. I reached out to my child's teacher yesterday and already heard back and we'll probably schedule a meeting soon, so I need to be on top of this. Thank you so much for the nudge!

Watch his self esteem. Be sure to encourage him to advocate for himself. With dyslexia, I know I have often are made to feel stupid by your peers and teachers...because what you know can't be expressed's frustrating and embarrassing ... I had to get tutors in study skills and it helped tremendously....little tricks like read the questions on an essay test before reading the paragraph to know what to look for...if he learns some of these things he will feel more empowered.

I also have really enjoyed the YouTube channel that CHADD has called “Help for ADHD.” Hours of information from actual Doctors who specialize in ADHD on all types of topics.

As a single mom I know how hard it is to find the time. Just remember that you are not alone in this.

Just a few resources to tuck away for later that a relative found helpful re dyslexia: (documentary/video on advocating for your child’s educational needs); (app that helps kids with dyslexia and dysgraphia in lining up numbers in doing math computation); (almost any book/textbook modified for dyslexia or audiobooked.

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Thank you! This looks helpful. I'll check out this documentary over the weekend. Mod Math looks like a great app, unfortunately I don't have an iPad. Appreciate you sending this though!

I’m glad you reached out. There is so much info and I feel at times overwhelmed too. I have two things to offer - a YouTube video my noted specialist Dr. Russell Barkley which I’ll attach below and which gives a great overview and a referral to ADHD DUDE. Look him up on YouTube and join his Facebook group. Great to the point videos. Good luck.

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