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ADHD Weekly -- Yoga for ADHD? Studies Show It Can Be Helpful

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The slow, thoughtful movement could be helpful in reducing some ADHD symptoms. Read more at "Yoga for ADHD? Studies Show It Can Be Helpful" at .

Do you do yoga or other exercises to help manage ADHD symptoms?

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I don't know if it helps with my ADHD (I'm an adult and borderline), but yoga and mat-based Pilates (I've never used the machines) certainly helps with stress and anxiety even just doing it once or twice a week. I notice a difference when I have not attended classes. The right instructor makes a big difference as well. I've kept up with classes with some instructors and abandoned classes led by others that weren't a fit for me. My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD, but we haven't had him try it.

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My daughter has a yoga book that she loves to pull out and practice the poses. I'm very excited she will be attending a charter school next year, where yoga is practiced every day. I am looking forward to seeing the impact it has on her.

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