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ADHD/Anxiety/Binocular Vision Dysfunction


Anyone have a child with ADHD and anxiety symptoms who was found to have binocular vision dysfunction. My son went for his annual eye exam and the doctor found him to have tracking issues. We went to a specialist who determined he has this vision issue. After reading up on it, it looks like it contributes to anxiety. He started vision therapy today.

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Cjkchamp- just curious did he see a Pediatric Opthalmologist ?

Developmental optometrist

I know this might sounds like a hard request. Can you see an MD ( medical doctor) this would be a Pediatric Ophthalmologist? You might get a different opinion.

Stay tuned, hope I can find the articles..

One more question, are you paying out of pocket for the vision thearpy or is your health insurance paying?

Wish you the best. I am sure this is a struggle with something else to have to deal with.

Big hugs!

Please read the first part ( of course you read it all) both the 2nd half talked about school staff providing vision thearpy ( which they do not)

Let me know if this helps.

So my neither my health insurance or vision insurance covers vision therapy. There are is a pediatric ophthalmologist in my area with a six-month waitlist. When I scheduled the appointment I was told if her findings did not require surgery my insurance would not pay and I would need to pay out of pocket, but of course I wouldn’t find out until after the appointment. So, yes I am paying out of pocket for vision therapy. In addition to binocular vision dysfunction, my son has 20/40 vision and a horrible astigmatism. I’m willing to suck it up, go on a payment plan with the credit card, and see what happens. This dr came recommended by an occupational therapist and our family optometrist.

So it sounds like you are on the waiting list. You could ask them to call you if there is a last min. cancelation.

I am very eager to see what the MD says.

If the Vision thearpy does not work, please don't contuine.

Keep us in the loop with what happens.

Our son with ADHD/ASD/Anxiety Disorder also had exotropia (eyes diverged). For about 18 months we tried to treat it with eye patch and daily exercises. However, it never progressed that well. Ultimately, very reluctantly, we opted for surgery. I felt really badly about it, given all the other issues he's already dealing with, but he actually handled the surgery and recovery much much better than we did as parents. I think he knew he wanted his vision to improve, and the things we were trying weren't working all that well. That surgery is now a couple years behind us (he was only 8 at the time), and we're *extremely* pleased. He had checked out within normal/healthy limits within just a few weeks of the surgery and now two years later, he had a checkup and he's still within normal/healthy range so there's been no regression. Surgery was, for us (knock on wood), very successful. Our son still needs to wear glasses to see 20/20 but the divergence that bothered him so much is gone, and it has helped his happiness at school, with sports, and everywhere really a lot. No regrets. Good luck to you!

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