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A rare win

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One theme I have seen over and over on this site is that parenting an ADHD child is a roller coaster ride. And that really resonates with me. I think that because the lows can be so low, the wins seem really big in comparison. Since starting methylphenidate we have been seeing more high points lately and I wanted to share that because my last post was pretty self-pitying and pessimistic.

Last night my son had a big (for second grade!) part in his school musical. I have to say I was fairly surprised he got the part. Last year I can not imagine that happening. And I was terrified for the play. Last year at his old school he literally brought the recital to a stop after one of the other kids missed his lines. He was crying and arguing on stage. Sigh. So I went into the school auditorium last night feeling like I needed a stiff drink to prepare myself. And you know what? He did great! His microphone was malfunctioning and kids definitely missed lines and he kept going. He said his lines and sang and took it all in stride. I got to play the part of a proud mom. And he got to be ( in his words) “famous” among his peers. And he was invited to a play date for the first time this year.

So today we are at the top of the roller coaster. I would love to believe that this is it and there is smooth sailing and success from here on out. But even though that is certainly not realistic, at least we had this win to build on. And last night the whole family was able to let out a collectively held breath and relax.

This group has been so lovely and supportive. It is the only place I have found acceptance and true understanding of what we are going through. So thank you and hugs to all. And savor those victories no matter how big or small.

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OMG. I am literally fighting off the proud and happy tears! What a fabulous win for him and with the family there to celebrate! And it was almost domino effect it sounds like but for once rather than every last damn domino falling down, they were being stacked up tall!!!! That story gives hope for myself. But because of this awesome group we have- I get to celebrate a happy day for your family during a time my own has none. ❤️

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SylvieS in reply to Alliea79

Thank you! I’m sorry you are going through a hard time. Hang in there. There is hope. One day at a time. ❤️

We all celebrate with you and know what those highs feel like. I also agree with you that when we have a period of time when life is good, it is so hard to not think that the low is right around the corner.. but please enjoy this with him and hope it keeps him up. I enjoy you high becuase I know the struggle we all go through.


Hi Sylvie, what a sweet story to share. I am so happy your boy made it through the school play. He must feel like a superstar!!!

Yes, all of us have roller-coaster lives. But somehow we pull our way through it all and look back trying to figure how we got through. Keep the faith. You are an AWESOME mother!

That is SO wonderful to hear!!!! What a great evening!!! Those moments when you’re prepared for the worst and the best happens are the sweetest moments! Super happy for you!

We had a similar win with our second grader this week. It was his class's Christmas production, and I know you know the pessimistic thoughts that go through your head when you have one of "those" kids. He did awesome! He sang all the words, he smiled, he let us take his picture. It was like he was like every other kid in school. It was amazing!

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SylvieS in reply to BunnyTech

I’m so happy for you and for your son! It’s so nice to share with people who really get how special and needed these moments are.

That's awesome! So happy for him, and for you! Thanks for sharing

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