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Weight and medicine



How do you help a child maintain a healthy weight when he is on medication(s) that can promote weight gain. When my 10year old was younger he put on weight fast with his first ADHD medicine. He is on different medications now but being 10, he is very aware of his weight. The kids at school are cruel and call him fat. He has been self-motivated (or motivated by being bullied) and lost some weight by trying to eat healthier and be more active. He is kind of stuck now and upset because he doesn’t understand. I have told him when he was younger that sometimes medication can have different effects on people including weight gain. I am almost positive that if I remind him of this he will stop taking his new medicine which actually might be helping after many trials and errors. I feel guilty that I put him on medication in the first place, he would not be struggling with this added issue if we never did. He deals with ADHD, ODD and DMDD. Medication seemed like a necessity along with therapy. Has anyone been able to help their child with their weight while medicated? Thank you.

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Protein.. shakes with extra protein. Bars with protein. We make sure he eats every meal, have to watch every meal.

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