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Hi all, my son 7 has been going to taekwondo over a year and he has orange belt. We recently switched academy due to the cost and distance.

He had private lesson over a year and it was a therapeutic special needs private lesson. They raised the tuition so high and also because my husband had to drive for 1 hour, we switched to nearby academy (just regular group class).

We realized that he didn't learn much from previous private lessons, because when I see him in current group class, he doesn't know the basics!!! We didn't know because parents were encouraged not to watch him during the lesson (previous academy) and they must have low standard? because he is on therapeutic program.

Anyhow, my question is if any of your children go to taekwondo and how they remember the patterns?? We can show him Youtube, and we were given paper with illustration of all the steps but it looks a lot of steps!! 1-20!!

How he can remember 20 steps of different movements?!!!


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Adam08911- thanks for reaching out to the group. Yes, my son has been doing TKD since he was 4yrs. He is now 12 years old and he just passed his Jr. 3rd degree belt (special red writing on his belt and red strip down his pants). What an accomplishment for him at this age. He also mentors young students one night a week.

Here are some pointers. Our DoJo should have a printed book ( I assume he does ITF, there are 2 types Kukkiwon and International Taekwan-Do Federation) which you can follow along with him..

Also the higher belts are very willing (in our studio) to video tape themselves doing the form along side of your son so he can see what he needs to do along side him to improve. Of course there should be young kids that are really good willing to "tutor" young children.

We are all one big family so if you need help reach out.

Best of luck in your journey..

Let me know if you have any questions. If you don't have the book I can always snap photos of the next few belts and send them to you. Let me know.

Thank you for your response!

I didn't know about there are 2 types of Taekwondo! I think he is on ITF, as the academy is registered? with them. I have no ideas about 3rd degree belt, but it sounds very high level!

My son usually asks why he has to go to taekwondo..... when he gets there, he enjoys it. He just needs reasoning why he is going.... (same as math tutor.... he says why he needs to do math at home. It is another story....)

Did you son have self-motivation to improve his skills when he started or around 7 years old? Like I said on my post, I hadn't practiced with him until recently. And I didn't know any parents practice with their kids!! Did you do the practice with your son when he was young too?

And yes! I have paper showing the patters for orange belt. I watched youtube and learned the basic stances, kicks and patters. So now I have a better idea.

What helps my kiddo is when I ask him to teach me and we follow the video together. Get up and go for it. Great for connection ❤️

Adam081911 in reply to 555jms

Thanks for your comment!

I practiced patterns with my son tonight. Just the first 3 steps of the pattern. We did it together and he enjoyed yelling 1! 2! 3! pretending he is a master and I followed his guidance. That kept him motivated to do good job and focus! Thanks for getting me inspired!

Azbee in reply to Adam081911

Yep! We practiced in sets of ONLY 3 at a time to master muscle memory. It takes time, be you’ll get there! Practice, practice, practice abs make it fun!!

Adam081911 in reply to Azbee


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