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Developmental Pediatrican vs Psychiatrist for Meds


My son is seeing a developmental pediatrican who prescribes meds for ADHD. I have been reading a lot of post where it's recommended to see a psychiatrist to help with meds for ADHD. It seems they more familiar with ADHD and what meds that can help. My child has no other health/development impairment. What has been your experience with either medical professional?

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A psychiatrist has more experience when dealing with these type disabilities.

We have found our developmental pediatrician to be an excellent source for medication management. She has tons of patients just like our son, she zeroed in on him/behaviors right away. I have been very pleased with her ability to manage his meds, and tell us what might happen/how he could react/she has been right on. We considered a pediatric psychiatrist, but decided against it - because our dev peds is so good. She looks at the entire picture, not just the med management. She helped us with good books to read, behavior charts/rewards to implement at home. I see her as the coach for my son, we go to her first, we implement the game plan based on her advice.

Right now we are primarily working with our pediatrician. He is trained in ADHD, and has children of his own with the diagnosis. Though we also see a pediatric neurologist for my son’s Tourette Syndrome.

I just speak with they pediatrician

I found a pediatric psychiatric nurse practitioner who is excellent. She did a two-hour intake which a psychiatrist never does. She spends an hour with us at every visit. She is able to look at my son as a whole person, not just as a particular diagnosis. Honestly, she is a breath of fresh air after trying a pediatric psychiatrist and my son's pediatrician. In general, nurse practitioners do spend more time with their clients and take a more holistic view than psychiatrists. Ultimately though, the most important thing is that you're comfortable with the physician you're working with. I had to "shop around" and I always encourage others to do the same, whether for themselves or their children. Finding a good fit is so important to productive treatment!

Depends on their training. ADHD is part of developmental pediatrics, child psychiatry and child neurology training. Some pediatricians have great expertise on ADHD. So it is not the title, but what they know.

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