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Concerta yes or no?

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So my son was diagnosed with adhd and odd. He was on Adderall and tenex for the last 6 years well about 4 months ago I took him off his medication completely he was becoming irritable and anger, emotional and now that he is off of it he is a completely different person. Unfortunately now that school has started he can’t focus and is struggling to complete class work 😑 he never had this issue with him before. I had him re-evaluated today and the doctor suggested Concerta. I really didn’t want another stimulate. I just want my child to succeed in school. Anyone have any issues with it before or do you suggest something else to try? I’m torn on what to do 😞

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Hi, my son has been on concerta for a few years now and it was great. I just started noticing some anger issues recently but that could be the whole teenager thing.

I’m actually looking for a change.

I really think as they grow sometimes you need to change meds. I also believe the meds will be a little different for everyone.

If the medication made him irritable, is it possible he has anxiety? If so, Concerta or Focalin may have a better chance of not causing irritability. If you want a non-stimulant, Strattera (atomoxetine) has helped.

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Hi Thanks for your response. No anxiety. Strattera not an option because if you don’t take it everyday it can cause sucidal thoughts and my child’s father does not participate with giving him his meds on his weekends 😞

My son has been on concerta for years and has done great with it. We haven’t really tried anything else.

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