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Hello i am a single parent with a child 7yrs old with ADHD most days are a struggle an I’m mad at myself most times because i just dnt fully feel like i relate to her any it’s frustrating as a parent we have good days but we have bad ones as well she so rambunctious she forgets every thing loses things or breaks them she is very cluttered i just wanna scream at times i wanna help my child but i just don’t knw how I’m trying to get the tools so that she has a fair chance in a society where we are judged for everything i just dnt wanna fail as a parent

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I understand and you are not alone. This is very similar to our situation. I found the CHADD website very helpful in helping me understand what it’s like for my son. The website has great information and ideas.

Listen, you’re in the right place. I have two kids with ADHD and other stuff going on and I beat myself up for a long time over why my parenting didn’t work before getting a clue that I just needed a whole new toolbox. I’m a single parent too and there’s no question that it is just the worst when you can’t tag out for even five minutes or when you have to assess the damage likely to be done in the time it takes you to go to the bathroom, or when you have to say no to something in public while bracing yourself for the fury storm. And trying to find a babysitter? Just a grim and hopeless business all around.

BUT help is on the way. Nobody can make your child not have ADHD, but between finding a community of supportive parents who are here to listen and provide informal advice and having a few sources of researched and clinically vetted information, I’m sure your situation will improve as you learn what we’re all learning here, what will work for you, that you’re not alone, and that you got this!

You are definitely not alone. I only joined this group last week and a weight has been lifted already. It helps knowing there are people going through the exact same thing. Stay here and vent, ask questions, get support...... It won’t fix it but it will help. Good luck.

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