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Pip total outcome maddness!


Well adhd 16yr old. Did pip. 7 points care.. zero mobility.

I put in mandatory appeal as she has complex needs .. 10 wks later yes..not 4 but 10 wks later we get outcome..

7 points care

12 points mobility..

Erghh shes just 16 dont go nowhere on her own. Ive got to battle to get her to start college in sept.. wont even talk bout home issues! She cant drive.. im not entitled to carers allowance... someone work that out lol. She needs taking everywhere or escorted guess that aint care.. even thou shes 16 adhd non medicated with challenging behaviours !!

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Hi Paulak5,

I don’t really know anything about Pip to be of much help, but it definitely sounds like a frustrating situation. I hope things work out for you!

Hi there. I stumbled across your post searching although I know it was 3 months ago, did you decide to take this to tribunal if you disagreed with their award? Im in a similar situation but my son is now 25. I have been his carer for years and he was last awarded DLA (high care, low mobility) for 5 years to end may next year. However a couple of months ago suddenly received a letter to claim PIP which I did. Today, we went for his PIP assessment and I am not feeling hopeful. The reason being is because I went for PIP assessment for myself (first time ive ever claimed for disability) and received ZERO points for Depression, Anxiety, Social Phobia, agoraphobia and IBS! When i applied for mandatory reconsideration, I received a letter today after getting home from my sons PIP assessment with more bad news still Zero points and have to take my pip claim to tribunal. I am not feeling hopeful and like you I have to do everything for my son from a young age and deal with his challenging ADHD behaviour (he is on strong medication too) and all the consequences of his behaviour over the years. If they refuse his PIP (as he said yes he does buses - which he doesnt/cant - I drive him everywhere) for their own stupid reasons, and I am still his carer regardless. Yet I wont be able to afford a car to get him around. I am absolutely dreading the future. So would love to know how you have gotten on over the months and if you decided to take it to tribunal. PS: If anyone knows what its like looking after an ADHD child, I do!!!!!!! Hope you are coping.


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