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Shout out for Goally device

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Hi everybody, I just wanted to share how helpful our daughters (8) new Goally device has been for our everyday routines. Some weeks ago I had asked if anybody here had experience with it and then I decided to just give it a try. It is helping her to stay on task in time - and she loves it and is much more motivated! Before we used a timer for certain tasks to help her get ready in time, we also had a chart with pictures for her morning routine where she could move down a pin for every task completed (like got dressed, had breakfast, brushed teeth etc.) and we had a separate list for reward points she got for certain things (like not yelling) Now we don´t need these anymore since the Goally combines all three into one. On my parent app or the desktop I can customize the routines for the morning, after school and bedtime and set the timing and reward points to be earned upon completion. I can also set the rewards and my daughter can see on her device when she has enough points to redeem, or how many points are still missing. I love not having to remind her over and over again what to do next. What a relief! And I am surprised that she actually started to save her points for some bigger rewards - something she was never able to be patient enough before. So for us this made life with an ADHD child much easier.

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Where did you get the Goalie from?

Thank you

It´s called "Goally" and you get it from their website:

This looks pretty awesome- it really would help clarify our expectations and also show her on a sort of timer... AND show reward possibilities... I wish it was either waaayyyy cheaper though, or an app I can download to her existing phone. Anyone have other similar things they find works?

I am actually glad it´s a separate device that can only do that one thing - that way it is not distracting her by tempting her to look at other things.

This looks really neat. Thanks so much for sharing! Do you think this could also be used at school?

I am glad you find it helpful! Right now it´s just for home. But I think they might be working on something for school. They have a super nice customer service. Just ask them.

So super happy! We received our Goally yesterday and my kiddo was all on board with it. He insisted in going through the preset bedtime routine. He used it for his morning routine today and it was the 1st time I did not have to prompt him at all. I had his IEP meeting today and took it with me and there was a high interest in using there for his ODD related work refusal. I may purchase a separate one for school if we enjoy using it at home. Thank you so much again for sharing!

Hi, I hope you are continuing to have success! So are you using it in school? I would be very interested to hear how that works out! We have not tried that yet, since the schedule is a bit different everyday so I was wondering if that could work. Thanks! Alle best to you!!!

I have not used it in school yet. But they were very interested in it. I do think I would need a separate device though. Another option I thought might work if I get the school to agree is to provide the teachers with something like fake dollars with different point values that they could give him to bring home to me when he earns them. I could add the points to the Goally at home and use the rewards I already have in place. But I already mentioned something similar to this prior to using the Goally and had no takers.

At home we are loving it. Still adjusting things as needed but it helps with his motivation a lot! It is so nice to have it all organized in one place that we can both be held accountable to. I was bad at remembering what activity got what reward. The point system makes it so much easier to keep track of. I actually kinda want one for me...

Thanks so much for posting about your experience with your Goally! We ordered one for our son (6) and it's due to arrive today. Any suggestions for the setup? New experiences since you last posted?

Hi, I hope it will work for you as well as it did for us! We are still using it (though not right now due to holidays). My daughter still comes up with new rewards that we keep adding to the list. Sometimes she does not want to do a routine that includes things like reading/math. If she does not do the routine but still ends up doing some reading I am giving her points for this reading, so she is at least getting some points and not losing it all. I felt I wanted to reward the little effort there is for doing at least a bit of reading. I am also still experimenting. For instance I am thinking to fragment the "cleaning up" in her evening routine into smaller steps like "put all the pencils away", "put all clothing away" etc....

So - set up is very flexible - just try and adjust when needed. All the best!

I'm so glad to hear that it continues to be helpful for your family! Thanks for the tips, I think we'll love it!

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing.

where can i get one?

On their website:

thanks.. checked em out but can't afford 😔

Mine shipped today ! I read your post the other night after a major blow-out brought about by simply asking if she had fed her cats. I am hopeful this gadget will be the reminder she needs and I can go a day or two without a major melt-down. Thank you for sharing this, my fingers, toes and the cats paws are all crossed.

Oh, wonderful news! I wish I had known about THIS 15 years ago, lol! 😂❤👏

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