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Worried mum!!

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Hi I’ve just come across this post

I’m worried about my 13year old son with adhd, he’s gone from being quite out of control while waiting to being diagnosed nearly getting kicked out of school to behaving quite well with the odd kick off he was very popular and out going with loads of friends but now he doesn’t want to go out with them he’d rather sit in or play with his little sister, it really worries me as I don’t think he’s bullied (I don’t think he’d allow it) but to go from one extreme to another Is very worrying for me, has anybody else’s child been through this?

Thanks for reading any reply’s would be really appreciated x

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I would monitor his behavior and if it continues to be odd, I strongly encourage you have him see a licensed counselor to get their professional opinion about these changes. Kids don't always want to talk to their parents but will often talk to counselors.

Best of luck

Thanks he’s been like this for a while he seems happy in himself and he sees a psychologist every 3 months at cahms it’s just strange he says he’s fine and friends still come for him he just doesn’t want to know. But these friends are the ones he wasn’t behaving around so maybe he likes the new him and doesn’t trust himself to misbehave

Thanks for replying

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