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Eval by Doctor AND Eval at School???


Son was evaluated by Pediatric Psychiatrist and given a formal diagnosis of ADHD combined and ODD.

Given this new diagnosis, we will be updating his IEP to reflect that. He already receives services for speech.

However, would it be appropriate to ask school for further evaluation for possible learning disabilities (i.e. dyslexia)?

Anyone familiar with how this all works?

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Totally appropriate. They can evaluate his individual education needs, as related to the diagnosis. They can evaluate the school environment and factors regarding school.

KCsBM- A parent is able to update an IEP any time especially when there is a new diagnosis, but most school will only consider what the doctor says and will want to run "educational and sometimes home assessments" depending on which specialist is doing the assessments. Since what the school does is considered educationally based information, it is different than medically based. Your medically information will support the diagnosis.

I would suggest you think about things/ ways you feel he needs to be supported more directly related to his academics. For examples: When there are timed tests he should have double the time or during state testing he is best to be in a separate room so he can move around and not distract others. Or anytime there is a book required he needs an audio version because he is unable to follow along because he is distracted.

Hope this makes sense, if they do find other areas they may add Other Health Impaired as a secondary if it is not already listed.

An amendment is then done and goals are written to help in areas that need attention.

Take care,


Yesssssss , please ask the school . Ask the teacher to write you an over all evaluation about how his attitude at school. Ask questions about is he friendly, is he good following instructions, is he all over the place? How is he with others etc things like that, the teacher should give you her opinion , please do not go by one medical opinion , my son takes speech , and he got tested for dyslexia, I wanted to get him evaluated for ADHD and the school didn't recommend it , base on the teachers observation hr didn't "qualified" for it. However he does get help for his speech and he does get accommodations for his school work.

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I had the school check my daughter out in preschool, kindergarten and first grade. Her behaviors was totally different at home and at school. I think the school thought I was crazy. When my daughter was in 1st grade, we finally got in to see a Developmental Pediatrician (8 or 9 month wait.) She was diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, ODD, Sensory issues and Anxiety, also some fancy word that means not fully potty trained. (At night she wears a diaper & to poop; she is finally started to poop in potty sometimes small steps.) The school seen nothing wrong until 1st grade. Her teacher was a big help. She was on an IEP since preschool for speech. I fought to get other stuff added to help her. Finally with the papers saying the diagnosis they added a few things: extra time on timeld tests familiar people to do any kind of 1 on 1 testing, extra time to do work mostly writing (found out she gets more done when using a marker instead of pencil) and the OT got her a chewy pencil topper and a pillow thingy to sit on limit wiggling around. They also added Other Health Impaired on her IEP. Good luck and keep fighting for your child. The school doesn't know your child as well as you.

No Harm asking them to do anything that may help your son. Our school generally waits for the teacher to notice something. Share your concerns and ask!

You can certainly request testing by your school. You will need to go through the teacher, and the counselor. Depending upon your child's age and the process required by your school district, this can be a lengthy process. If he is in elementary school, it is more apt to happen than if he is in middle or high school.

First step: Call the school and ask to speak to the counselor and inquire about the process.

Be adamant, parents have power.

Good luck.

If you request anything by law in public school they have a time limit that is set as soon as you ask. Better if you do it in writing so there is a record of it. Anytime I give the school anything I keep the original and they make a copy for their records. I wanna say it is 90 days but it might be less.

I agree with prior responses. Put your request for the cognitive and behavioral, if applicable, assessments in writing. Districts must follow the state’s ed code which includes time frames for responding to your request via an assessment plan.

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