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New to this need encouragement


I’m starting this journey with neuro and feeling guilty for every decision I make not sure what is best for my child, trying my best but worrying so much how much everything I do is possible to impact my child positively or negatively I don’t think there is anything wrong with my child I love everything about her but doctor is concerned that she will be unable to sit still in a classroom she begins kindergarten this year I am also concerned she has always been in the next level energy wise and I love that she is so vibrant and wild and confident and amazingly brilliant and I’m so proud of my little girl and I want to give her the best chance of success in school but am I lacking faith in her ability to handle school or am I giving her the tools for success by going down this avenue... I’m not normally like this if you looked at any social media I don’t put private things or feels out there and I’m normally a confident person but my children are most prized posecessions and I’m afraid to make these choices for her. Please no bashing looking for experience and words of thought.

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Keep on loving her for who she is. Keep on being proud! You will do the best you can, with the information provided to you at the time.

School is quite challenging for these kiddos. They have a difficult time sitting still, waiting their turn, being quiet etc... sometimes the schools seem ill-equipped to deal with the behaviors. Stand your ground. Don’t be bulldozed by the school.

This group has been great for information and support! We are all going through something similar.

I totally understand usually feeling confident with decisions! My son and his issues are the one area of my life where I feel like I’m scrambling around unsure of every move. :-)

Totally agree with your comment on how school isn’t equipped for ADHD children behaviours! No matter how much you prepare both yourself and your child, there will still be some hiccups and some incidences no matter what. It doesn’t reflect how good of a parent you are, it’s just how the system is. The way you decide how to handle it becomes a huge part in your role as momma! Being calm, cool and collected but also refusing to have you and your child be walked over is the way to go! At the end of the day, they will still act out. My daughter struggles with sitting in her chair at school during instructions or while the teacher is talking. To help, they gave her a “wiggle seat” yes, it helps a lot but it doesn’t completely solve the problem of her standing up and wandering around. You can only assist the child, you can’t cure them.

Breathe momma, breathe. You are your daughter’s biggest fan and her best advocate. It’s probably going to be challenging, I’m not going to lie. The schools have provisions for helping kids like ours, but you’re going to have to be as involved as possible. The more you show you want to be involved the more the schools will be willing to work with you (at least that has been my experience). Make sure you have a formal diagnosis from a psychologist so there is not question about her eligibility for an IED and specifically accommodations. Good luck; you are among friends here.

Having diagnosis from a neurologist and testing is not significant enough without a psychologist? I’m not arguing just asking for more information she has two months worth of different tests as well as pediatric recommendations...?

The school will probably do their own evaluation, but many times the people doing the evaluation are not licensed psychologists, so they are not legally allowed to give a medical diagnosis. Neurologist and pediatrician are just as good as a psychologist; the important part is to have an official diagnosis. That way if the school doesn’t evaluate her as needing the services you know she needs (maybe they catch her on a good day and don’t see her normal behaviors), you can use the diagnosis to fight for what she needs.

My daughter is 7 1/2 she for the most part sits still at school so they say (tho at home she doesn't, she is a different child at school than she is at home) she does have issues with staying focused and staying on task. (not on any medication yet). She is go in into 2nd Grade starting in August, we will see what happens. Tho at the end of the day when she comes home she comes down and from holding it all together at school that she releases it all (at me, because she feels safe with me) some days are better than others. My problem starts after I get her up and she eats, she never wants to go to school. (if she had it her way she would stay home with me every day, even tho once she is at school she seems to like it and the other kids like her). Good luck. You will not know how she will be until school starts. Keep asking the teacher questions on how she is doing. If not going good then as a team find out what you can do the help her.

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