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Need some guidance/help please, before I go insane.


Im a mom of a 7 year old adhd boy who is stressed out by his behavior. Since kindergarden iv had complaints by his teachers about his behavior. 1st grade was the worst. I had 3 calls from teacher, principle and music teacher the first 3 days of his school. He is very smart, but does not follow directions. He will ne i 2nd grade this year, but should be in 3rd to be honest. Because of his behavior he has been in karate class, therapy, and on meds. The meds helped but gave him stomach aches and he lost wait so much that I stopped him. Every day i find myself yelling and screaming at him for not listening and him bothering his little sister. Almost every day iv been taking Excedrin Migraine because of the headache iv been having with him. I need help please.

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Fabi3- I am curious were you working with a pediatric psychiatrist? They are specialist who really work with you and can fit his personality with the best medication that will not hurt his stomach. Or you take medication to not hurt his stomach. I strongly feel he can't control himself without the medication and this situation will not change with our medication, behavior therapy and a change in how those 2 work together.

He is not trying to be bad, this is how his brain is wired and this is why the medication needs to help.

School is a stressful situation with often more than 20+ kids in a classroom with 1 teachers and a lot of demands on children we ask so much and unless he can sit still and focus it will be hard on him.

Please work with a Specialist that can really help him.


I too have a 7 year old boy with ADHD so I know what your going through. I would definitely give medicine another shot. I agree it’s so hard to watch your child not eat and lose weight or have it not be completely effective but a lot of times they have to try many different kinds before finding the one that works best. It will be a bit of a roller coaster ride but when you find the correct one it will make a world of difference. Also have you tried reward charts or positive reinforcements? They will help with getting him to do things that he needs to be doing while giving him a small reward each time to show the positive side of it. As far as school if you don’t already have one, a 504 plan may help with the areas of concern in school and the many phone calls home. This will accommodate to his particular needs in school and give him more of chance without being in trouble all the time.

I wish you the best 😊

I know what you’re going through. My son is now 14. Throughout elementary school the school called me almost daily. Not exaggerating! Every employee at the school knew my first name. Even the custodian.

I took my son to a psychologist. Several actually. I wish I had a magic pill. Or a really great answer. But here is my best advice.

Remember this; your son will have negative feedback everyday from all his teachers and some of his peers. What he needs from you is love and acceptance. Sure, he needs correction too but keep in mind, he doesn’t want to act badly.

Now that he’s older, my son can tell me how he wishes he could control his impulses better. But he has improved! Slowly he learns to control his temper and his actions. What he needs from me the most is my love.

Lots of praying, that helps too!!

Hi Fabi3,

My son is not ADHD, but ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and many of his behaviors are similar to ADHD/ADD. We not want to medicate him either, but 13 years we are at our ar our wits end with his behaviors and aggression. Our neurologist likes to deal with all natural so we are now using CBD/Hemp oil. It has had been very helpful and we are on our 5th week if giving it to him. You don’t need a prescription, but should watch where you buy it as it may not be true form. They are drops you give orally. If you go this route I can let you know what dose we have given our son. The website is Palmetto Harmony. Good luck and hang in there.

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