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Is anyone doing research or request their child be placed on this drug?

It is my understanding that the FDA (Food and Drug Admin.) have seen the benefits of cannabidiol and now has a solution. In the article I was reading they consider CBD a schedule 1 drug ( like heroin and cocaine) so their solution is Epidiolex.

They determined that CBD sold the way it is is not consistent and the dose can vary widely.

Any thoughts?


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CBD oil without THC is used by many for ADHD, anxiety and Tourette’s. It can be purchased OTC.

This medication was approved by the FDA for use in certain epilepsies. The company GW Pharmaceuticals is doing research into other uses of this CBD oil product. There are small studies of the use of CBD oil in anxiety. There are other companies also studying its use in order to get FDA approval. The concern with the use of products presently available in stores and through the mail is that the potency (how much CBD per bottle, for example) cannot be guaranteed because quality control cannot be assured (FDA sampled products a few years ago and found that measured concentration did not always match what was claimed on the label). Dosing also has to be determined (recommendations by the sellers usually do not match what is actually needed).

I was wondering for all those parents who use CBD oil and are worried about buying it and questioning the dose, quality and purity if you would turn to this medication if you could use it for your child for ADHD symptoms.

This medication I'd if prescribed by a doctor, might be able to be dispensed in the school system if needed, depending with the justification... and which doctor wrote the letter.

Just curious...

My ten-year-old uses epidiolex. Prior to that he has a medicinal purpose card. I did not like getting it from the dispensaries because there was no doctor behind him telling me how much what kind it was just the people behind the counter. Now with the epidiolex it's prescribed by a doctor and it is watched by a doctor and I liked it better because of that and it has helped my son become seizure-free so I would recommend it for anybody who's has seizures. Plus it did help with some behaviors. I hope they will allow it for children with ADHD and other medical conditions because it's a lot better than giving a medicine and then other medicines for adverse reactions from the medicines they take. My son went from a 7 medications to one after taking this oil. I was never a believer of giving a child CBD until we could not control his seizures anymore and I was at my Wit's End and I was willing to give it a try now I'm a big advocate of it

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