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ADHD Support in Illinois

Hi, currently living in Kuwait but want to move to USA because my son has adhd and struggling in school. He was at a British school just completing grade 8.

Can someone advise me if Chicago (specifically Lombard) has suppprting public schools for Learning Disabled Kids. Or, where in the US can I find the best schools.

Are there any cheap private schools for ADHD support - the ones I found are more than $20,000 annually. Way too expensive for my budget.

How does the IEP program work and how can I enroll my son? Is the IEP beneficial that is, does it actually help kids?

What if I want to homeschool my son? How do I start? Do I need to register him somewhere? How do I start?

Are you aware of any Islamic schools in USA that can cater to ADHD students?

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I'm not from Lombard but is in Illinois. Depends how severe is the kid's diagnosis, it's an IEP or 504plan from the school. IEP is for more severe cases (may provide an assistant for him in the classroom), while 504 is more moderate such as give him extra test taking time, have him sit close to teacher for less distraction, or let him move around in classroom without being penalize. Most schools will not want to give IEP because it's expensive for the school to hire an extra person just to take care one kid. Once you enroll into the school, you will need to let the school know your child has learning disability so they can schedule an official plan meeting.

My kid used to attend religious private school and most kids sit quickly in class which make my kid really stands out as a trouble maker and we have to go to principal office many times. We now in a public school gifted program and there are kids who are more wild then my kid so in comparison it's not that bad. Even though the government invest less into special education but I feel that public school still have more resources (or more open minded) then private school.

I did had a moment of thinking about homeschool but my kid love the varieties and friends. I don't think I also have the patience to deal with him all day, we will ended up both miserable.


il1515, I have a couple of questions....

When did you change your child school from religious to public? What grade was your child?

My son in Grade 1 is attending a catholic school but we're considering a public school.

He has an IEP and getting support but I don't feel supported as a parent.

Like you commented above, I think public school might have more experience of special needs than catholic school. The classroom teacher makes time to comment bad things about my son, but rarely comment on good stuff. That makes me feel not supported as a whole family.

Are you or your child happier in the public school??


My kid attended religious school for two years in preschool...It's the traditional catholic school kind where they expect kids to sit still, quiet, and well behave. Other kids can do it but not mine. The principal recommended to stay an other year due to low maturity but my kid already master the materials for the grade. We decided that we may have to switch because feeling that it won't be challenging enough if grade is repeated and my kid will just act worst and won't focus since everything is a repeat. Then got tested into gift program in public school for kindergarten, now is in 1st grade. Teacher said sometimes my kid will have impulse problem such as talking without raise hand or moving around at carpet time, but never major enough that needs to be pull aside or need to see the principal. My kid is recently diagnosed and teacher is very helpful. I think it's the school culture and teacher's attitude that makes the difference. For example there are a lot of in class teaching and no materials are send home, the teacher is willing to give us materials so we can reiterate the teaching at home . She will also tell us what is my kid's strength and weekness in different subjects and ways we can help him at home. If you feel the private school is not supporting you enough, you can try public (I think you can always go back if public doesn't work out).


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