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Does iPAD app help for math?

Hi, my son is 6 years old in Grade 1 and diagnosed with ADHD and mild intellectual disability.

I have another post that was about math but I want to hear if iPAD will help him teach for his basic math skills.

I'm an old fashion and doing math activities using actual objects but I'm desperate getting him understand simple math.

He doesn't want to do math with me, and he is already saying that "I don't want to do math because mom gets mad."

We're starting a tutor this week, but I thought Apps are more fun and he maybe more motivated to do it.

Did iPAD use helped your child for education??

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We found apps very helpful. Just have to find the 'right' app. One that gives immediate feedback for right answers...b/c that is what our kids need. There a ton out there, and you can read reviews on the app store. We liked: Sushi math, cool math ( I think that's just a website), splash math, adapted math, XL Math (they did this in class)...really any app that rewards performance. Drill and kill is what her first grade teacher said..so true! Oh, mine is now in 5th and in the accelerated math program. Kumon has some great videos too. So, yes, apps are a great way for these kids to learn. Most are free...but some cost a few dollars and are worth it. Be sure to do the free trial first, before buying one..and read the parent reviews. Good luck!

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Thank you!! I appreciate your input! First, I wasn't sure to introduce him to iPAD because he might break also he might become obsessed, but I'm strongly considering iPAD now.

Thank you for sharing those apps. Yes, I don't have any ideas where to choose from, so I really appreciate you shared names of apps. That saved me tons of time. I'll make sure I do the trial first then check the reviews! Good suggestion!


Mine has been in a BYOD class since first grade. Bring your own device. Throw that puppy in an otterbox....not anything short of an otterbox...and it will never break.


OK, I'll keep that in mind too. Thank you!


Mild intellectual disability? Does your child have EFD? Executive Functioning Disorder? I heard it is common with those who have ADHD?


Hi Jorliss, he wasn't diagnosed with EFD, but I'd like to send him reassessed because his school thinks he is more than mild....


I know I have EFD. I’m very curious of what the person who diagnosed him meant by “mild intellectual disability”. It seems so broad. I would love for you to keep in touch and let me know since I struggle so much myself.


At the time he was diagnosed with mild intellectual disability, he was 5 years old and they didn't diagnose with ADHD. He had speech delays, fine motor and gross motor delays.... everything was delayed (even now). Then his IQ was below 70. They didn't think he had autism but he showed some symptoms that didn't quite meet autism criteria.

We started to use ADHD medication last summer due to lack of focus without official diagnosis. We tried 2 kinds but didn't work. We started the current meds in September and showed big noticeable improvements. Then I asked his pediatrician (not the one who diagnosed with mild intellectual disability) that meds worked means he has ADHD? Then she did say Yes, that was how we got his diagnosis.

It will take time to get him reassessed but I will definitely let you know if there is any changes of his diagnosis.


What meds have you used that you found to work. We were told my son was very restless and inattentive ADD.


My son is a combined type of ADHD and takes Ritalin that works for his attention. But it doesn't seem to last long enough till the end of school. He is taking an immediate release Ritalin. We need to talk to his pediatrician about that. The side effect for my son is low appetite.


I can tell you from experience the low appetite thing may become less as he gets used to the medication. However, I enjoy it being female and fifty and going through menopause. I take a time released Adderall in the morning. I also have access to immediate release but I crash very quickly on it.

Don’t give up hope on your son. I have heard people like us have IQ’s that run from kindergarten to genius. I know I fall on that spectrum.


Thank you for your encouragement. How long have you been on Adderall? Did you have low appetite when you started? If so, how long did it take to improve your appetite?

The pediatrician told us the same that the low appetite will improve. His body is adjusting to the meds. But he is on this meds for 7 months now.

Do you think this is the right medication if there are no other issues? He needs extended release Ritalin but I'm not sure if there is a long release Ritalin....


I can tell you my appetite in the morning and afternoon is low because of the meds but I eat anyway because I know I have to. He is a growing child so it is a little different for him. Perhaps a good breakfast in the morning and his medicine during the meal. I don’t know.


You must try Khan Academy .org. It is very well structured for kids of all ages. This is the first math training site my son actually responded to. He doesn't mind practicing math there.

Khan Academy is web based and can be accessed by tablet, iPad, PC, Mac, and probably even your phone...


Thank you for the suggestion!


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