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Lots of noises


HI just joining here. My 8 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD last year; after trying three different medicines, we found one that seems to be working well. No issues being reported by his teacher, academics are strong, but at home we notice recently he is making a lot of noises and talking to himself. If he's playing a video game he just keeps talking to it. He's make odd sounds and just repeat himself over and over. He gets embarrassed if we say anything about it and he does have control over it since he does not do it in church or a the movies as an example. Anyone else see similar?

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Hi, my 6 year old son makes lots of weird noises. Not due to his medication. He's been doing this for all his life! I think there are lots of noises in his head and he is trying to override those noises by making noise.

After using his current meds, Ritalin, he makes less noises. This was also noticed by school teachers. So this meds are helping him clear his minds.

I think there was somebody commenting similar situation. I forgot which post though.

The boy was saying to his parent, "Now I can hear what teacher is saying!!" because without meds, he couldn't hear them due to noise in his head. Or something like that.

This could be a vocal tic. My non ADHD son actually goes through phases of talking to himself like this too! If it’s a transient tic, then certain ADHD stimulant meds can actually exacerbate the tic, but it’s nothing to worry about. You’re right that when called out on tics, kids are often embarrassed because they can’t help it. I personally think it’s kind of cute and as long as it isn’t bothering them or subjecting them to teasing at school I’d just ignore it!

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I should clarify saying they “can’t help it” what I mean is they can’t help the impulse but they can (especially as they get older) suppress the urge for a limited amount of time which is why in public or at school they might not show the tic, but it comes out at home when they are relaxed and comfortable. So you don’t want Home to also be a place they feel the need to suppress!

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