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School refusing to allow extended time for extra credit assignments

Hi there, my daughter is in the 504 plan and one of her accommodations is extended time, if needed, for class work and homework assignments. Last week, her teacher gave every student a packet to take home for extra credit purposes only. Well my daughter turned it in 1 day late and her teacher didn't accept it. When I emailed her to ask why, she said extra credit assignments are not part of the accommodations because they're not mandatory assignments. I met with the school principal and she agreed with the teacher.

I'm confused about this because if the teacher is giving every student an opportunity for extra credit, shouldn't my daughter also be given that opportunity to complete it with her 2 day extension (if needed) just like all of her other graded assignments? Can the school refuse to apply her accommodation for extra credit assignments? Her 504 plan wasn't specific. It simply says "extra time when needed." and now they've updated that section and added "does not include extra credit assignments" and they want me to sign it.

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I know the information is tough to accept but extra credit work is volunteer participation. My son has a 504 plan, and any orginal work, he gets the time to complete. If he failed a test, I will have him to go to the teacher to ask for extra work. Usually, the teacher, gives every student, who failed an opportunity to retest. Is your child failing a subject and the extra credit was needed, or are we talking principles of the matter. I don't know of any 504 plan or IEP, that includes extra time for extra credit and I have sons on each. I just want my sons to have a even shot at extra time for testing, extra time for school work. I never considered extra credit work because it's volunteer. If your daughter need the extra credit, have her asked the teacher for extra credit so she can make it up. Hopefully another opportunity will come about, if the teacher doesn't give her any work.


You might find an answer at the website They have a lot information about 504 there.


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