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Mother of daughter with adhd


My daughter is ten and is on medication. I'm having terrible school issues with her. She is on a 504 plan at school and I'm trying to get her on an IEP instead. Her psychologist that I bring her to twice a month has written five letters on why an IEP would be better for her. I'm just now for the second time since 2015 requesting an IEP emulation because she struggles from adhd, severe anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, and emotional behavioral disorder,. I don't understand why they are letting her fall through the cracks. I refuse to let her. Any suggestions on helping get her 504 changed to an IEP ? Thank You

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Did her Pediatrician or Neurologist diagnose her with ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, and Emotional Disorder? If so, that who I would ask to write a letter for the school recommending an IEP. I received a letter from both and the school immediately started the process.

I switched one of my boys from a 504 to an IEP. I kept track of his academic performance so that I could go in to the team meeting and show that the 504 accomodations weren't working. He had been on the 504 for two years and his grades had stayed the same. I brought copies of his report cards, examples of his work, and also copies of his SAGE testing over three years which is academic testing that showed his performance was consistently low each time he took the test. I had also had a neuropsychological test done which showed his deficits in memory and comprehension. These things, along with his teacher's corroboration regarding his performance in class helped me to be able to switch him to an IEP. It isn't easy to get administrators to make the switch, though. Keep pushing for it if you feel that an IEP is the right thing for your child.

Thanks so much.

We switched my grandson from a 504 to an IEP a couple of years ago , it was a fight with his grade school. The IEP give him much more restrictions it's also much more work for the school.

When he got to middle school they asked why he wasn't on an IEP earlier. I told him it was because the vice principal at the other school fought it.

Send a letter by certified mail requesting on AARD meeting to change to an IEP. It's the law they have to respond in 10 days

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