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Adult daughter with ADHD about to graduate college

Shamefully, I almost forgot she had ADHD. She doesn't have great grades but will graduate while working parttime. The worry I have is she is not out there LOOKING for a job. She wants to write or be an editor but all the jobs are in business, which she says, "meh."

Feeling she was living in a fantasy world or perhaps she was just too stressed to search for a job, I suddenly remembered the disorganization of a person with ADHD.

Could it be she just does not know where to start?

She has not taken her meds in years because they seemed to add more stress. She has high anxiety plus ADHD.

I want to know if there are resources available to help her strategize her goals, organize her job hunt, and deal with anxiety.

PS She may not want MY help!

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What about seeing if she would benefit from a life coach? The fact that she was able to graduate from college and not use ADHD meds is pretty remarkable. She should also check her college's career office....many have resources for helping students find a job. Finally, if she lives at home, I am guessing she's had a big break on rent, board, etc. Give her a deadline to get a full time job and either find her own place or start paying you rent, etc.


This is totally characteristic of ADHD—both in the ability to organize oneself and to think beyond right now. Check out the YouTube channel “How to ADHD”. So many great videos there. It is written for adults (old AND young!) with ADHD but even my 8 year old has found inspiration and encouragement there! Your daughter may be inspired by it too!!


First of all congrats you got thru a major huddle. Now life begins. Look for organizations that cater to people with disabilities, such as.....division of vocational rehabilitation or developmental pathways.


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