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13 year old adhd OCD behavior

Hello I just joined. I have an almost 13 year old son who was diagnosed with adhd about 5 or 6 years ago. Within the last few years we started adderall. It has helped along with therapy. However he still has outbursts, acts like a little child sometimes etc. He thinks he is bring funny or claims he was only joking when he does something wrong. He is loud and talks a lot and sometimes cannot stop. I go with him every other week to councilor. I have a hard time with him. He doesn't listen well to directions, gets agitated easily and claims he has no friends and that they call him annoying. I feel terrible. I have been working on not tell g at him when I get frustrated. He will be just talking in the car and doesn't stop. He asks silly questions just to talk. He makes noises hums constantly moving etc. With meds he can get through school fine. His father and I divorced amicably when he was 1. We all get along well. We have joint custody and I think we keep everything as consistent as possible. I want to help him. He's going to be 13 in a month and I feel like he acts as if he is 8 sometimes. Then there are times when he surprises me. He is very smart and persuasive persuasive also. I love my son so much and I just want to help him. He just came in the living room to say goodnight and wanted me to walk him to the bathroom and wait outside to walk him to his bedroom because he was scared. Sometimes I do things like walk him to his room because its better than standing there arguing about it. He gets obsessed. Any suggestions?

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Hi Jessica,

I just joined too. My boy is 12. He uses Byphentin (Methylphenidate) and it helps during school hours a little. He gets a very low dose. (20 mg).

I have found that exercise helps a lot. I also know that there are foods that help the brain of ADHD people to function better but I barely do it. But when I did, it helped. Sometimes is too much for me too (I might have ADHD too because routines are super hard for me) so I give up too soon the new diet.

Ate you keeping a journal yet? A journal of his activities and diet helps too.

At the end of the day, I know he has some genius vibes inside him but many deficiencies too... so when I get frustrated, I try to remember that he's not doing it on purpose and I'm compassionate about it. I've even placed some sticky notes here and there to remind me.

Unfortunately I don't know about the medication your boy is using.

But exercise (he learned his time tables jumping on a mini trampoline) works wonders.

Hopefully a heavy weight in this forum will answer tomorrow and give you a better insight.

Blessings for the two of you,



Thank you for your response. I appreciate you taking the time to write that. My son is on 20 mg Amphetamine Salts ER. He is very hyper active and always needs someone to play with even though he's almost 13. I feel as I get older I tolerate less and frustrate easier. My son actually asked to join a gym. Is obviously have to bring him. This does help!

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My oldest grandson has always had phobias like fear of the dark and spiders. I've never seen a problem with going to the bathroom and standing outside the door when it's dark in the house. As he's grown older he's gotten over some of that. He is also on medication for anxiety and depression which has made him a happier kid than he was for a while.


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