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Child has difficulty making friends

I have a 7 year old son who is struggling to make friends at school. He desperately wants attention from his peers but is awkward. I keep thinking other kids with adhd would make understanding friends, and the parents would be understanding too. Does anyone know of any ADHD parenting groups at a local level or have advice where to find them? FB and the internet have so far been no luck. For the record I am in Cincinnati.

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Sometimes child therapists host small support groups and/or ADHD social skills groups. Also try searching Google for "executive function" skill training. Sometimes the people/groups who host those activities also host small support groups. You can also check to see if there is a MeetUp group for parents of ADHD kids in your area. That can also be a good starting point.

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You could ask his teacher who she thinks might be a good fit for him. She would know all the kids personalities the best. Also, check with the school social worker. A lot of times they have social skills groups or lunches (they call it Lunch buddies in our area). The social worker has lunch with a few kids who could use help with social skills and they play games and socialize in small group once a week. Definitely get the teacher involved so they can help out.

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