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ADHD kids Hard to making friends with peers

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Hi, I wonder if anyone has experience about difficulty in friendship for ADHD kids, He is 9 , and even he really want to make friends, he can not sustain friendship. His impulse and silliness makes he lonely in school. We tries buddy up in class, but it does not last long. He seems better to play with younger kids, because immature.

Even er make some playday with peers he seems play lonely or just watching them.

He is quite social in the beginning.

I have read a article about friendship in ADHD, it states that just one friend not necessary a peer could also work for friendship for ADHD kids, such as grandpa, parents, sibling, younger kids. ...

Has anyone have some experience for that?

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My 12-year-old is the same way. He gets along well with younger kids much better than older kids. He always LOVES to play tag. My son says he has friends in class, but they aren't "best friends". My son also tells the lamest jokes that don't really make sense. His "best friend" is a toss-up between his little sister and his grandma (mom's side).

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Thank you for sharing , it is struggling when your kid said he is lonely in school while he/She really needs some friends . It seems we are not alone.

This is so similar to my experience with my step son down to the love of tag!

Our kids have a hard time seeing the perspective of others and definitely have a difficult time making and keeping friends. A great resource is to help with friendships as well as executive function skills is ADHD Dude. He has paid content, but he also has a YouTube channel with videos for adults and videos for kids. His strategies are doable and helpful.

ADHD brains are 2 years behind their peers in development. That's why playing with younger kids is better. For us, if it starts bothering them we put them in counseling. Otherwise we support peer friendship I'm ADHD safe ways. Additude magazine has some great podcasts about this.

My nine-year-old has social issues. He is missing basic social skills. He talks too close, is too aggressive (doesn't mean to be he just is), and just constantly wants to touch others. He doesn't understand social cues. If someone doesn't want to play and the try to "let him down nicely", he doesn't get the hint. He tends to be bossy and gets really offended and takes it personally if someone wants to suggest playing something different.

Does his school have a club or other after school activities he could join?

You could try to help by focusing on thing he enjoys doing and getting him involved with those. He will be more likely to meet like minded individuals there.

It may also help to see if there is an app or show or class or books, that explicitly teach social cues and "rules". With adhd it can be hard to learn those "rules" and understand why they are in place.

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