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Teachers not on board

I'm so frustrated! We have 3 children with ADHD along with my husband. We have never had issues with teachers until this year. I have been fighting the school for months to get our daughter on a 504. They are demanding so much and she can't keep up. They seem to think she is just lazy and forgetful. It's almost as though they don't believe ADHD is real. We do homework for hours each night. They are not helping but further preventing her from getting an equal education. So much more to add but I had surgery and my one hand is in a cast. Why do I have to fight so hard to get an equal education for her?

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Not sure if you tried this already but I have found that writing a letter instead of a verbal request works better. write an official letter to the head of the special ed department (send signature required mail) stating the services you want along with documentation/ written statement from your doctor ( including the diagnosis) and results of any assessments you already have. If that doesn’t work you can look into an advocate to help you.

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If you send that letter it's best to send it certified mail so they can't say they never got it. unfortunately you're always going to run into a staff member or a teacher who is not supportive or think the kid just needs to buckle down.

Make sure you have documentation from your doctor before you go into a 504 or IEP meeting, and a list of all that you know the child needs help with. Don't let them bully you into doing something else too because it happened with me the first time and I regretted it.

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