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Loosing my mind

Sometimes I feel like im going to loose control and do something I regret. I know I say things that I shouldn't. Is it crazy to say my child gives me anxiety? We have tried many medications with no success and sometimes I get so mad I can't control what comes out of my mouth.. I can't take the noise or the movement and I'm freaking out! What steps do i need to take to make this better?

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I completely understand, except I have dealt with a child who hits and destroys things when unstable. How could that not drive you crazy. If I lose it and say something inappropriate, later I apologize and say I was just really stressed. I think that helps the child to know we are human, make mistakes but should apologize for them, too.


I do that too. My 9 year old charged over $300 on games last night and it's not the first time. He would play games all the time if we let him and each time he promises not to do it again. He changes passwords and sneaks around and hides things or discovers our hiding spots. He also sneaks food and drinks. Then he blames us and kicks and throws stuff and says we stole from him.


I completely understand how you feel. Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly living on the edge of a breakdown! It takes every ounce of self control and patience to remain calm, but that is totally exhausting sometimes and I too lose control at times and say things I shouldn’t. Like Anirush said, I try to have a quiet talk with my son when we have both calmed down and explain that just as he says/does thing she doesn’t mean to, I also do. I think it’s important to just reassure that after a “fight” we still love them and always will.

Sometimes I find just walking away helps, he calms down and then usually finds me to apologise. But that’s not always possible.

Do you do anything for yourself for time out? I do yoga, which helps (at least for a brief moment lol).


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