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Struggling with my son

I'm a single mother of a 9 yr old son who has ODD AND ADHD

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Welcome, hope you get some support ideas on here.


Thank you he is 9 YRS old and to me big for his age he is 4' 7 1/2" and weighs 104 lbs I'm 4' 11 and weigh 105 with the ODD he has outbursts of anger aggression and he sometimes will physically attack me break things throw things ect swear be totally disrespectful ect and with the ADHD on top of that he's always all over everywhere thing is he has never gotten into any kind of trouble at school not once K-4 I've called the cops on him before for physically assulting me when they came to see what was going on he just looked at them and said get out of my house they said why are you hitting your mom because she is a bi$$@ they just left he's got good and bad days his dad passed away when he was a baby and has never had a male influence in his life or seen physical violence I tell him that it is NEVER OK TO HIT S WOMAN EVER especially your mom the good outweigh the bad but the bad are bad


If you can look for one of my other post on here you will see that I am dealing with the same kind of thing. Risperidone is helping with the violence but it still pops out

We had lots of problems in school too so at least you're a lucky there.


He is on a medication called kapvay for that but I'll look into that thank you very much


I have also had medications make things worse, just FYI. I get on a lot of blogs to see what others experience with meds are although you just don't know until you try it. Everyone will react differently but it is good to know common side effects.

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I agree I'm always willing to to look into and try new things whatever is best for my son


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