Teen ADHD lacks motivation failing high school

Would like to connect with others who have a teen going through similar situation. Son has IEP and in learning center for English and math and failing all classes for not turning in work or "trying" his teachers say. They are all frustrated with him. He's extremely lazy at home. Been on Concerta for years. What will get this kid going? I have no idea.

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  • Hello MomAteen. I am suffering from an almost identical situation. I am a single mom with a 13 year old son on concerta. He never picks up a book, never has any passion for anything but video games. It is truly a struggle to get him to do his work and to do it well and not just slap things together. I find myself lashing out with frustration and impatience...yelling too much.

  • When my son was in 7th grade his IEP teacher no longer had him do "home"work because he gets irate when I try to help. He does it at school. Well he "doesn't " do it now which is why he's failing. I thought the special ed teachers would understand him but they don't! They say he shows no motivation or trying anything. But that's their job to find what motivates him right!? That's their specialty. I'm not an educator. If they give up on him then what?!

  • Hai Jogoldy

    I am also sailing in the same boat. My son also shows no interest in studies. He was under concerta which s not permanent relief so I stopped which has made him worse. Share ur contact number or watsup me 0096566327822. Lets stay in touch to discuss further

  • I feel for you!!!!! I am going through the same thing with my son. He has an IEP too. He could care less about school. He is failing all of his classes except band. He would be passing if he just did his homework. I work with him as much as I can but most of the time he doesn't have it to work on. I don't feel the school is doing as much as they can either. I think he is just overwhelmed with the subject matter and has just shut down. I'm at a loss of what to do.

  • My grandson is in a magnet program and was failing. Not only did he not care but he was really having trouble with aggression. The doctor thought it was depression and put him on an antidepressant which after awhile increased the violence. You should see his bedroom door!!

    A month ago he was started on Risperdone because I flat out told the doctor I could not live with this anymore. Not only is the violence almost gone but he managed to pull his grades up to passing before report cards came out. I will say I constantly emailed teachers, worked out a tutorial schedule, etc. The teachers would tell me he did much better in tutorials with them than in class.

  • I’m also in the same boat. 12, almost 13 year old. Homework is a nightmare. It’s destroying the family.

  • My friend with a high school freshmen and an iep with adhd and odd. He does not have homework but did his class work. He also has a study skills class where they help him be organized and where he can get his work completed. The homework was ruining her family as well. My freshman has taken a long time to get in track: he comes home, has about an hour of down time ( i leave the house before he gets home so i am not tempted to nag about hw right away). He knows when i get home it is time for hw. We go to therapy every week (now together so we can communicate better). He still misses homework sometimes but has improved with using one folder for all H.W. or using an accordion folder - one for each subject- homework goes in, and when completed goes back in to the subject slot for him to find easily. You might also see if the teachers are posting on blackboard.com or the remind app so you can see the homework - the key is many teachers done us it. Good luck.

  • The other thing to keep in mind: the school needs to be responsible to the IEP or 504. They have to follow it. Fight for what you think is best for your son. The hard part for me was to realize that my relationship with my son was more important than his grades or getting his homework done. We worked in compliance- it was done by i didn’t how he did it. Now that he has gotten better and doing it and turning it in, consistently we can start working on quality but that is up to the teachers. Rally have struggled but I don’t care if he gets C’s as long as he is trying. If he gets less, then he may behave to drop from honors but i would be ok with that- his dad not so much

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