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6 yr old son just diagnosed with ADHD - medicate or not medicate

Hello All,

My son is in kindergarten and has had a difficult start. He was just diagnosed with ADHD and I am trying to determine if I should medicate or try some other options. I have read something about removing anything that has orange or red dye in it from his diet. Has anyone tried that and had any results? We are still moving through the school testing for possible learning disabilities as they told me frustration related to a learning disability can often present itself as ADHD. Other than teaching him how to calm himself down by taking deep breaths and learning to ask for a break when he needs one does anyone have any other behavior modification ideas that have worked?

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Both my boys probably have more than just ADHD. When they are unstable I never have been able to get them to stop and think, take a breath.


We recently removed red dye from my 10 year olds diet. He is just as hyper and disruptive in class as usual, however it has made a huge difference in his angry meltdowns. Even the teacher noticed that!


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