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Control issues

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I have 3 boys. All of them have adhd. The 5 year old twins have ODD. They are taking medication that helps tremendously at school. I have implemented a reward/points system at home that the oldest and one of the twins have done really well with. Overall we are doing better, however, one of the twins is, I think, having control issues that I don’t know what to do about. Getting ready for school they have opportunities to earn points by getting through the steps within certain time frames. He started out doing great, but now he seems to go as slow as he can and I think it’s purposeful. I have even given him a few extra minutes and he just won’t do it. I tell him he’s not getting his points and he wants to throw a fit. How do I help him overcome this obvious need for control? I try to give them choices and let them have control over certain things, but I won’t allow them to be late for school or myself to be late for work.

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