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Concerned grandmother

Hi. My 10 yrs old grandson has add and we're having problem with him doing his class work and homework. I'm trying to look into getting him in some kind of tutoring program. Please do anyone have any suggestions.

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You could also try and sit with him for around 10-20 minutes at a time and then give him breaks so he doesn't end up bored.


Thank u. But every time we try that and u ask him something he say he do know. His mom done tried some of everything but it seems like nothing is working and she's starting to get frustrated because she can't get him to do his class work and homework.


Hi my son is also 10yrs old ADHD, oldest 15yrs ADD & middle 13 ASD, we have a no homework policy until high school in our house. Studies have found it is of no benefit until older and I figure if he has been holding it together all day it is far more beneficial to burn off energy after school and the mental health of all members of the family is far more important than an afternoon homework battle.

MASTER 10 went on to meds at 7yrs old and it was amazing he went up 15 reading levels in one term and could stay on task and stopped getting frustrated and feeling bad about himself, the meds are out of his system by lunch time and at this stage he doesn't take more to get through the afternoon but they are held in the school office in case my son or his teacher decides he really needs them.

We also have a tutor come into the school and do extra maths once a week she teaches my son and two others and this has been a big help.

We are lucky to have a teacher with a 15 yr old ADHD son so she knows a lot of strategies and can normally pick up when things are starting to go wrong.

I do think that by the end of the day they have become totally frazzled so would suggest trying to get the school on board with any extra help being within school hours.

Good luck.


Well done. I agree with this assessment. It is a pity that sometimes the school system does not allow the child to fit it.


How did you get the school to agree into not giving them homework? I like this concept


Well they still aren't that happy with it but they don't really have a choice, he reads every night for at least an hour as this is the only way he can fall asleep but maths and spelling are done at school only.

I explained that it's not a decision made from laziness but an educated decision. Studies have shown that homework at this age is of no benefit and if he has been in school holding it together and trying his hardest I wasn't then going to make him sit down again when he got home to start again, that going outside and moving and burning off pent up energy was far more beneficial, also his medication has worn off by the about midday and I had no intention of remedicating for homework. He is my 3rd child and they all have learning problems so I'm no longer intimidated by schools and will stick to my guns for whatever is in their best interest.

I always end up with great relationships with my boys teachers because they see that I'm only advocating for what works & the current system doesn't always work for our kids.


Hugs for you and your family. For our 6 year old medications help her to show the world her academic ability, her gifts and her huge heart. Without them she uses all of her energy to try to sit still and keep her hands to herself. I learned she first has to have support so she can be ready to focus, learn and show what she knows. From my perspective no tutor or other academic help will work until a child has support so they can do what is being asked of them. I send you prayers and lots of hugs! How lucky to have such a caring grandma!


If he is having a problem with doing his homework and classwork it would best to find what is he doing instead. Finding out his interests and building a work program around that can inspire him to prioritize what needs to be done. The seven habits of highly effective teenagers by Sean Covey is a good start to help reorganize his life.

Reading the book with your child and showing him the way without the fear of making mistakes could go a long way to help your child but more so what you as a parent or grandparent can learn from the experience as well.


Does he have an IEP? If not get him evaluated. Tutoring at the school is a good idea.

Hope that helps!


You are a wonderful grandmother for asking for help and being so understanding with your grandson. He is a lucky boy to have the support he has.


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