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Father ADHD Mother Inattentive ADD 7 year old daughter ... mixed

Hello my name is Callie ... I have severe inattentive ADD, depression, & overwhelming anxieties ...

My husband, Chad (funny we just found out about CHADD) has hyper ADHD, depression,& also anxieties

*** we both have whether it's perfectionism, or OCD ... it's there too.

Our oldest Shelby Hazle Lynne, was just diagnosed with these things also ... she turned 7 in July ... and it felt like overnight, she just changed ... like a switch flipped ... went from;

Being strong in all areas of school, too ...

Crying her eyes out every homework session at home due to lack of understanding.

This killed me and her dad, as we both struggled from 2nd grade and on ... horribly.

She reminds me of me at her age ... but with a get-out-of-your-chair-50's before dinner is through ... We are wondering if anyone has both parents with ADD/ADHD as well as your child ... and how do you function in your daily life as well as a family? Is there emotional outbursts a lot ... defiance?! Both my hubby and Shelby are just alike personally wise. And both have ODD ... mine is slight .... so we are trying to do other things besides yell . But impulsivity ... Damn it's hard ... feeling like failures as parents, even though we are good ones ... Shelby gets on medicine in 2 days ... what medicine is best at this age?! Thank you for help given :)

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My husband has ADHD and I have ADD. Our daughter has ADHD. I know how u feel about it being hard. We as a family struggle also. My daughter is on Quillivant XR and it works wonders for her. I know how hard it can be to manage emotions and try not to yell. I have found for me to not to have to yell is that I tell my kids not to do something like 5 times then I either put them in time out or I send them to their rooms. I still do have to yell sometimes, but not all the time anymore. Good luck cause this is not easy

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Hi, I do feel for you. My husband thinks I have ADHD (undiagnosed) and we are going through the the process with my oldest. Not sure about my youngest yet as she is only 3. I do find it hard not to yell as I get so impatient with them not listening to me! My son and I are very very similar!. Good luck

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Whatever medication are prescribed, it is important to also monitor the emotional side of the changes when on medication. Understanding that things are not going to be easy is a step in the right direction.

Normal parenting practices do not apply and must parents work out their own routine to make things work for them.

Psychotherapy is an option for the whole family to attend to get them through the early stages of the diagnosis and the effects of medication on the child.

Medication for the parent with ADHD should not be ignored, however it does not fix everything but as I have discover can make a difference in the bigger scheme of things.


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