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Hi Everyone, I have a 9-year-old with ADHD who will be going into 4th grade come September. He is on a 504 plan which consists of no additional learning support outside of the classroom. I'm going to request additional support (again) but if I don't get it then I might decide to move to another town that WILL help my child be a successful student. My question is do I figure out what surrounding town public school systems WILL help my child so that he doesn't fall behind with his learning? ...can anyone provide me with a direction on how to obtain that information? Can I call the schools and ask?

To provide some perspective: I am providing my son, executive functioning coaching, therapy (for anxiety and confidence) and a tutor. The school provides a session a week with the school social worker and zero extra learning help.

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  • I am not sure but I'm interested in the response. Great question

  • Didn't get much of a response but I'm going to try a few things myself. I will let you know how it goes. I'm going to call into the school districts and see if the Special Ed Directors will speak with me...and I'm going to do some networking to try and find parents in those communities to get inside scoop. I'm determined to find the right school system for my son!

  • So far, our school has been solid. That being said, I really wish we had state forums so that we could share what we know with each other on a more local basis.

  • Question for does your school know if your child is falling behind? Do they do quarterly or annual assessments? Are those results shared with parents? And if the child falls behind does the school step up and provide services?

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