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9 year old problem that we struggling.

Hi I am Mom I'm 9 year old son have been diagnosed with the ADHD when he was little at four year old and now we're having lots of problems in school he's not found the rules hard for him to concentrate been out of seed all the time can I play quiet or said quietly always talking when he's 1 something or somebody's trying to talk to him asking him how his supposed to follow the rules or do something he's there screaming and saying don't tell me anything no more getting really angry and rude any suggestion plz.

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Hi TKACHENKO1. Many of the other parents in this community have said they found that talking to their child's school administration and teachers about their child's needs had a positive impact on their child's performance in school. Many parents have also said that talking to their child's doctor about the range of medication options available have helped their children focus and better manage their ADHD. Of course, every child is different and has different needs. Hope this helps, I would also recommend reading some of the other posts in this community and commenting on other user's posts if you have questions. Cheers!


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