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My son has been diagnosed with ADHD for 7 years now. I am excited about this new group b/c I find talking with other parents very helpful.

Hi! My son has ADHD and Aspergers (very ADHD, a bit Aspergers). He was diagosed in 1st grade and is now entering 8th grade. He has a lot of trouble sleeping, which is a huge concern of mine. He had worked VERY hard over the years and this will be the first year to be in all General Ed classes without support. He does have trouble organizing himself and being independent. I worry about that as he gets older.

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You said he's now in general ed so I assume this means he no longer has an IEP in place. Does he have a 504 accommodation plan? He can have one even if he doesn't qualify for special ed.


Yes, thankfully he still has an IEP and support if he needs it.


You could create IEP goals to address "functioning" Depending on what state you're in, this skill should be identified in his transition plan. High School will be stressful, but he has some time to work on organization.

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