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Lots of pain

Hi all, I wondered how many of you on here use this forum as I have seen its not that busy. Perhaps Adenomyosis is quite rare? I've been examined and told I have this suspected but waiting for a Laparoscopy. I had a MRI which didn't show much. (my gynaecologist had said this is normal for it not to show) I'm in so much pain and uncomfort. I don't know what help to take? I had had to pay privately for this consultation and cant afford to go back. My gynaecologist with the NHS for a consultant isn't until December. I have been waiting ages. Therapy for you is on a waiting list and I have already phoned the samaratins but doesn't hell. I have fibromyalgia as well, which I think has developed as I have pain inside. This all seems to have been triggered from a mirena coil I had put in over a year ago. I TOOK IT OUT! Even though the nurse encouraged me to keep this in when I ended up in A&E for debilitating pain - excruciating! Any help please???? xx

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I am new to the forum as it's recently been discovered that I most likely have adenomyosis from a laparoscopy (alongside endometriosis). I have been put on the progesterone only pill Cerelle and if it works, they said I can be on it for 8 years (I am 42) and I am trying to avoid a hyst (just written a post about this). I am about to take it so I don't know whether it is going to help yet. I would go to the local GP (if you haven't done already) whilst you are waiting for your gynae appointment and ask for ways of reducing your pain in the mean time. I would also ask the gynaecologist's secretary whether if someone cancels an appointment in the mean time, you could be given that appointment instead because you are in so much pain.

I hope this helpsx

PS I am also on the Endometriosis UK forum on here where people talk about adenomyosis as well.

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