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19 years of age


I’m 19 and have adenomyosis and everyone is talking about having a hysterectomy... I really don’t know how to feel anymore I just feel numb from the pain mentally and physically. Also being induced into early menopause I feel really depressed about everything. I don’t know what’s best or what to do anymore I just want to feel normal again

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Hi have you had any surgeries yet? I have endo and adeno and I’m now on zodalex injections to take me into menopause for a while, then a hysterectomy but that’s my choice as I don’t want children I’m 27 and my consultant understands as had many surgeries before and don’t seem to get any relief, do you speak with your family/friends about how your feeling? X

Stacie2 in reply to Lou93

I’m on the zoladex injection now, and it doesn’t seem to be working I have all the side affects aswell as my on going pain so I will be ending it. Also going to be paying private to freeze some eggs if it comes to having a hysterectomy but I really don’t wnat it but if it mean being pain free then that’s what I need to do I guess. I find it hard to talk to people about it x

Lou93 in reply to Stacie2

How many have you had? I had my first one yesterday so just waiting for the side effects to hit me, sounds like a good plan if you want children, I have found talking on here really helps as so many women are in the same position and can relate, I was in hospital last week for 6 days as my pain was through the roof and then saw my consultant once I was home I go private as I get Bupa with my job which is great as had so many issues with nhs where I am x

I’m on my second injection they say it takes 2 too kick on but mine hasn’t done nothing I’m near the the end for my third one now but I don’t be carrying on with it. I can’t sleep I get hot flushes, the whole lot. I’m a hairdresser doing 12hr shifts atm so you can imagine my pain is out the roof being on my feet alday with everything. It’s horrendous.

Have a apt on Tuesday for physio too see how that goes.

Lou93 in reply to Stacie2

Hope things settle for you, yes long hours are not a good mix when you have pain all the time. Yes my consultant explained it will take time.Hope it goes well for you x

Hi lovely, I know exactly how you feel. I’m 20, I have Adenomyosis and I’m in induced menopause. It’s awful. Medications don’t agree with me, I’m constantly in pain and I’m depressed as hell.

The thought of a hysterectomy at my age is far too daunting for me. I want to try and have a child of my own - but that’s difficult when I’m still so young and never been in a relationship. That’s why I agreed to go into chemical menopause because at least it’s reversible.

If Zoladex isn’t working, could you ask to try Prostap or Decapeptyl? My consultant is an amazing endo specialist and he said that sometimes it takes some tinkering. I’ve been on Decapeptyl for 6 months and it hasn’t worked. Now it’s out my system, I’m trying Prostap for a couple of months (first injection on Tuesday)

I really hope it gets better for you! Xx

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