Any info on use of K2 & Apixaban?

I am taking Apixaban (Eliquis 2) for the last 12 weeks as a blood thinner as I have AF.I also have Osteoporosis and take Calcichew D3 Forte. I have read that K2 supplement is a great help for the uptake of the calcium into the bone so I am about to start to use it. I have been informed that K2 seemingly has no ill effect with Apixaban as it has a different mode of action to Warfarin. I eat very little greens and I am hoping that taking the K2 will have no adverse results. I would be very grateful for any help or guidance from anybody who knows something about these matters.I am male, age 69, and the Osteoporosis is as a result of radiation treatment and Androgen Deprivation Therapy, treatments for prostate cancer which took place for about 2 years and ceased about 2.5 years ago.

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  • Hi feorais,

    An interesting question, as I have started to take rivaroxaban and mechanistically, apixaban is most similar as it has the direct Factor Xa inhibitor. Since I have been a member of the forum, I can't remember anyone saying they take apixaban but maybe your case might be a few members out of the woodwork. I will be interested in the replies and hopefully they will help us out and tell the forum they take apixaban and can answer your question K2.

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