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About Anticoagulation Support

The Anticoagulation Support community is for anyone impacted by a health condition such as atrial fibrillation, stroke, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE), aortic heart valve replacement, antiphospholipid syndrome and thrombotic disorders.

These conditions can increase the risk of blood clots or thrombosis and may require anticoagulation therapy to treat or prevent blood clots from happening. Anticoagulant therapy is sometimes described as a blood thinner and can be given for a short period of time (to prevent clots after hip and knee replacement surgery) or long term for people with thrombotic disorders to prevent recurrence of clotting episodes. Some people may be offered anticoagulation medication when they are being treated for cancer.

Anyone requiring anticoagulation therapy should discuss medication options with a health care provider and be given adequate information around the duration and monitoring of the treatment provided.

In the UK, there are several oral anticoagulant medications available - Apixaban, Dabigatran, Edoxaban, Rivaroxaban and Warfarin. Heparin is given by injection.

Anticoagulation Support aims to help individuals engage with people who have lived experience of living with a condition and being treated with anticoagulants.

The site is moderated by HealthUnlocked with input from an anticoagulation patient expert and an anticoagulation healthcare professional.

For information about anticoagulation therapy and related conditions visit.... NHS website - https://www.nhs.uk/ National Institute of Health and Care Excellence(NICE) - https://www.nice.org.uk

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