operation 3 weeks ago, dvt??

operation 3 weeks ago, dvt??

hi morning all, i had a large reoccuring seroma removed from my right leg 3 weeks ago and had a drain inserted which i still have in now, 2 weeks ago on my left leg a red patch started at my ankle and has worked its way up my leg on the inside leg woke up this morning i can now feel the throbbing pain in my groin, my gp prescribed flucoxacillin 500mg 4 times a day for cellulitus? after one week no change and getting progressivley worse 2nd gp said not sure what it is so gave another weeks supply of antibiotics, i had a popliteal dvt 2 years ago after surgery to remove a growth in my right leg, i also have thrombophillia facto v leiden blood disorder, and my surgeon didnt give the heparin injection before my op 3 weeks ago, could this new pain redness and feeling rubbish be a dvt in my left leg even though my op was on my right leg? any thoughts or info would be great, i have an appointment today at 11.20 with my gp but im debating whether i should just go straight to a&e? thanks emma

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  • I would go A E get it checked

  • I would definitley get it checked at A&E.

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