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Please can you quantify the pace of brisk walking, eg miles/hour. Thanks


Compare other walking apps.

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The NHS page at suggests about 3m/h but also suggests that “You can tell you're walking briskly if you can still talk but cannot sing the words to a song”. Does that help?

Hi Rouleur, the Active 10 app tracks how many minutes you've walked and how many of them were brisk. You just need to take your phone with you in your pocket. I've recently downloaded it and love using it together with my Fitbit.

The Active 10 app actually seems to work from cadence, steps / min, rather than actual speed. Which is probably why it still works even with GPS switched off and why it counts my pedalling on an exercise bike as brisk walking (legs moving so it thinks I'm walking!).

Stairs10 in reply to slipstick

Yes. I am able to clock up 'brisk minutes' by going up and down the stairs a few times in the block of flats where I live. .... much to the amusement of my neighbours haha.

I'm pretty sure that the speed threshold for what is a brisk minute varies from person to person. I do a mix of fast walking and less frequently much slower walking with my arthritic elderly mother. The proportion of 'Brisk' minutes which she and I get on our walks together is now wildly different. It was never equal, I used to get maybe 7, 8 or 9 minutes to each 15 Brisk min she got. But now I might get 1 or even no Brisk min. And even on solo fast walks I'm not getting the Brisk min I'd expect, even though a different pedometer app says I'm at 6kmph or over for almost the whole journey.

The only way I can explain it is because to begin with I was increasing my speed and the amount of the "fast" walks and then, more recently, I've begun (trying) to run with the Couch to 5K app. So my average speed/steps-per-min/cadence or whatever measure that the A10 app uses has been climbing and so the Brisk min threshold has risen too.

Its a bit frustrating really as I'd like to keep the app and still aim for 30 min brisk walking on the non run days, or every day if my old knee problem flares up and I have to stop running. But for now I'll keep it, as my mum gets a kick out of "beating me".

Has anyone else noticed something similar with their usage of the Active 10 app?

Does it make a difference if you put the phone in a different pocket ? I found it hardly recorded brisk walking when in my bag but most minutes when in the pocket of my trousers.