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foot cramp


hello I have been suffering from cramp in the feet ,any suggestions please

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I am sorry you are suffering. We are not really experienced to give out medical advice on here. I would have a word with your Gp. Things to note to tell them:-

1) does it hurt all the time or just after walks

2) do certain shoes set it off

3). Are you drinking enough fluid

4) does it hurt more in the morning.

The doctor might ask you these questions or something similar to help get to the bottom of it. I hope you get it sorted soon

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Cramps in feet may be due to (1)lower intake of water.. drinks at least 2 to 3 liters of water daily.(2) deficiency of vit B12...

Could it be how you are walking? I know when I walk really fast I get shin splints, so I have to be careful on how I step.


Try looking at magnesium and maybe ask someone qualified to advise you about it.

I used to wake in the night with awful cramps right up the front of my feet and into my shins. It was always when I’d walked further than usual, ( I’m not a very active person ) or first night of holiday breaks when I’d walked a lot.

I looked up foot cramps on here and a lady on another forum ( for A F ) that I read a lot mentioned that magnesium deficiency can cause cramps as your muscles need it when exercising.

If you don’t fancy taking tablets or capsules ( it can make you “loose” and I was already taking lots of meds for other conditions ) you can buy plastic pouches of magnesium salts or flakes very cheaply at shops like Home Bargains. Use them as foot baths and also, make a spray from them with half and half salts and boiled water and spray on your shins. It will feel oily, you can wash off after twenty minutes or so if the oily feeling bothers you. It can make your skin tingle, apparently this happens more if you need the magnesium. Ready made sprays are expensive.

Try reading reviews on Amazon, see what you think or seek advice on it from someone qualified before you try it. It helped me a great deal.

I’ve gone on a bit, but hope you could get some relief from the cramps, mine were so painful and really disturbed my sleep.

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Muscle cramp can often be fixed with magnesium, but there aren't many muscles in the foot.

I had "cramp" in my feet the other week - and I concluded that I had increased my walking too quickly after being disabled.

I had a march fracture twenty years ago (a repetitive strain injury of a meta-tarsal) caused mostly by step-aerobics... but I do not recall any discomfort before the break ¿but do you notice discomfort if you are endurance athlete?.