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80 kilometre challenge!

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I've just signed up with Race at your Own Pace to walk 80 kilometres (50 miles) in October - gulp! Since I started my personal challenge almost two weeks ago to walk 5k three times a week I have walked a total of 33k over 5 walks, so I think it is do-able. I walk my elderly Labrador every day, normally no more than 2k, so if I include those walks too I should do it easily - I hope!

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Oh my triumphbabe, you are doing so well! Congratulations on absolutely smashing your personal challenge! Good luck on your 80 km challenge - you're right, you'll smash this challenge too!:)

You'll ace it. What a great goal to have, it'll be nice to have something to focus on as the weather gets a little colder. We're rooting for you.

Challenge finished with one week still to go - woo hoo! I'll continue to record distance until the end of the month, just out of interest, but am really happy to have completed the 80k so quickly

Hey triumphbabe, you're an absolute star!?! Well done!

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