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A couple of weeks ago i went to pain management app... I told the Dr pain is worsening and because of this he is now refering me to an opiod clinic to talk to someone about coming off tablets. As morphine not working and rather then up doseage best b to come off. I take tapentadol 200mg twice a day an oxycodone 40 mg twice daily. They are 12 hours slow release has got so bad i take more in between.

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Hi Shazey. You may get extra replies if you also post on Pain Concern. For some reason it's busier.

I think from what you are saying, you take morphine as a breakthrough medication or is it all the medication that is less effective.

From what I have experienced and really, opiates do become less effective and often a change makes a difference. Seems though that you have been taking g 3 types already. Perhaps the answer is a change to a single type for both extended release and breakthrough.

I am on Tapentadol which is not so common as the others but I am more satisfied with it that all the others I had tried. You may be offered Fentanyl patches. My experience with them was not good ut I know plenty others who have had great success.

Have you been referred to the Pain Management clinic ? If not ask you GP. They can do great things with helping you manage your own pain.

Let me know how you get on.



Hi, I asked to come off Morphine earlier this year and was told there is nothing to replace it. A couple of months later i had a meeting with the pain clinic and was told my pain is horrible but it was not harmful and I was discharged from the clinic. This week my morphine patches was increased from 20mg to 25mg and I'm taking Oramorph as well. I work in a shop as a checkout operator and my manager sent me home because customers could see I was in a lot of pain. I have Osteoarthritis in my neck and I am only work 16 hours a week, when I was first diagnosed I asked the consultant how bad can this get he said I could be paralysed and this is not harmful!!!

I was on Oxycodone, Tramadol and now Paracetamol, Gabapentin, Ammitriptyline Max dose



I'm the same I take 8x tramadol 8 cocodamol and 2-4 slow releasing morphie however my pain is just breaking through so badly I'm taking oramorph as well for when it's awful but I just feel none of this helps anymore.

Have they said about anything else you could possibly try or go on instead or can't they up the morphine?


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