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Hi I have a shiny new titanium knee joint. Now one week old. Discharged yesterday after extended hospital stay because pain prevented my ability to do physiotherapy and pass flexion\extension and degree bend results. Now home looking for any ways to cope with extreme pain when putting weight through the joint horizontally. Am on longtec (oxycodone), shorter, ibuprofen, paracetamol on top of a fentynyl 37 patch. Don't want more pain killers but hints and tips for coping 😆

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you need to take your meds up until your finished with rehab. I had my right done last year and my situation was as non bendable and I busted my hump 6 months every day and went to PT doing the exercises which was excruciating and Id tell my doc and he'd tell me it was all my fault. He warned me it would be painful but ffs I had 3 major back surgeries in my 30s and just cried the first 2 days so I thought knee,Im 40 I can hang and today.................................that knee failed and you get arthritis on the sucker.I also need my left done as my joint has not cartilage just chips of bone from bone on bone walking and big ol spur so every time I walk I wonder is this gonna be the day it completey gives way.

I live in the US on Cape Cod 2 surgeons both pricks won't go to a doc that isn't as focused on pain meds as my last knee surgeon was horrified the doc at the rehab facility put me on OxyContin. It was as if I just went to the pharmacy and helped myself and didn't need it. So not going through that shit again.

I'm on Lyrica 200mg Ibprophen 800 mg, oxycodone 5 5mg tabs for breakthrough pain and MS Contin 2xs a day the Pharmacist Brown Shirt was questioning every thing like why morphine if your on oxy why would he prescribe that and I said You did go to school to be a pharmacist? Didn't you?I went to veterinary nursing school and did anesthesia for well over a decade so schooled his ass.

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