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So I have finally had some good news!! After a year of no one knowing what is wrong or what to do, I have finally been given hope!

I have to have a nerve block injection into the nerve root of the S1 nerve and around the L5 disc.

Has anyone had anything like this before? How effective are they? What is the recovery time like?

Thanks in advance!

L x

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If you mean a steroid injection, yes I've had several. They don't always work or only for a short while but if they do the results are good. People very but I was extra sore for several days afterwards and it didn't work for about 10 days after the procedure. But people differ.

I hope it helps you



I've had them and unfortunately did not find them helpful. Recovery time is just localized pain for a few days. Hope it works better for you!


The recovery time is very short. It may take a few days to feelthe effect of it working, but my daughter had it done. It worked for a little bit, maybe a couple months and now she is back in pain. My mom had it done and it worked 3months for her.

You have the same location of pain that I have and I am thinking about having it done. I also recently found out that I have DDD and other things in my neck now. " Great Right?" I'm falling apart and am ready to find someone to help.

Good luck with your injections. I hope they give you relief.


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