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Sore throat and loss of voice

During surgery 12 months ago, my right vocal chords were damaged, and I could not swallow, and had no voice. However, with SALT help & exercises I managed to get my voice back and can now swallow most foods. However, I constantly have a mild sore throat, loose my voice on a regular basis and suffer with tonsititus regularly. ( in the last 12 months). (I have no voice today and an extreme sore throat hence this message !.) Does anyone else suffer with this and have any tips to cope with it, other than being on antibiotics most of the time from the doctors ! I would appreciate your comments.

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So sorry to hear this. Isn't there anything the medics can do to help on a more permanent basis? Have they offered to remove your tonsils for example?


Sorry to hear about your problem. Immediately post op I had no voice for a few days but gradually it got stronger. However followup medicals showed my left side of my larynx is paralysed which meant I kept coughing food back when I tried to eat plus ramping headaches. My swallowing muscles are also paralysed on the left (my AN side). It was so bad initially I lost two and a half stone in the first month post op. I was referred to a speech therapist who advised me to turn my head to the left when I swallow which closes off that side of my throat - that helped a lot. However spicy foods are still a no no after 25 years and I still get caught out sometimes if I chat whilst eating. Strange about curries etc because I like them but I have to stay clear otherwise I can keep coughing till I black out. I expect things will improve for you over time but it is a slow process. best wishes, Keith


Thanks for your reply Keith. Your experience sounds very similar as me, I appreciate your answer. I lost alot of weight initially too.(which caused other problems) My right lung also collapsed as they were trying to get me to drink post op and it just all trickled in there. But thats another issue. Thats interesting I can't talk whilst eating, i have to concentrate too much on the swallow technique ! Some foods still stick and I can feel them. Do you have a sore throat ? I wonder whether it is to with the paralysis or just my 'weak' spot. I have been back to ENT and had a camera, they did say the vocal chords were getting better and coming together more, but there was a lot of raised blood vessels. I have asked my GP each time I go in if its connected to the paralysis but they don't know. Its 12 months now since my op, so I suppose there is still time for further recovery. It just gets me down that its sore all day every day and sometimes I don't want to talk. (thats hard with a 4 year old !) Thanks Keith.


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